Planning Phase

We work together to come up with a design (or a couple of designs if the organization is big enouth to support it) and what apparel and items you would like to offer. When then determine a timeline of when you would like to have the items in your hand or at least how long you would like the store to be open.

Pricing Phase

We will put together a pricing breakdown based on potential sales in a spreadsheet and make some recommendations on store pricing. Once you have a chance to look it over, you tell us what to charge for each item in the store. Once we have this, we are off and running


In a day or two, your store will be up and live at You will have an opportunity to look it over and see if there are any changes you would like to see. Once we have that finalized you are ready to let everyone know.

Store Closing

Once the closing date has past, you will receive a sales report and opportunity to add items for your own stock to the order at your cost. (Do NOT order stock items at store price.) When we have heard back from you about any addtions, its time to produce.


Production is typically 2 weeks but we can be flexible on this. Our 5 point production check ensures that every item ordered is present and accounted for when it is time for you to pick up your swag.


You will be notified when your gear is complete. What you get when you pick them up is boxes of the orders, individually bundled by order so you never have to sort a single item, and a check for the difference between what you charged and what your costs were.


Like most things at GoBlue, it's simple. 5% of total sales to cover Credit Card Fees and Site Maintenance.


1) No Forms to Hand out and Chase Down
2) No trying to collect the money
3) No hours of sorting items for distribution
4) No getting stuck with items that no one showed up to pay for
5) If someone misses the deadline, you can always blame us for them missing out. (It's ok, we don't mind.)


All orders must be placed through the website, phone in and paper forms make a mess of our system so you may have to give the technically challenged a hand in placing orders.