What is Printed Vinyl Printing?

Ecosolvent printing on extremely thin vinyl that will melt and adhear to the fibers of a piece of apparel. It is contour cut so it has the look of a screen print.

It offers excellet flexibility, durablity and stretchability with out the setup costs associated with screen printing especially if you have a significant number of colors in your design.

Why is it perfect for sports uniforms?

The number one reason is that your roster is probably occaionally going to change or one of your players outgrows their uniform. You add a player or you want to keep the same uniforms for a couple of seasons and don't want to have to have new uniforms made for everyone because Jenni shot up 6 inches since last season. The cost of replicating your uniform for one or two addtions can be horrific for the one or two families that need them.

How Does it Hold Up?

Very Well! You should have no trouble getting a full season or two out the uniform without significant issues to the image. In the rare cases it does show some damages, we maybe able to fix them without the cost of replacing the uniform.

What Other Applications Fit This Technology?

We use it alot for any situation for the item is going to need to be able to stretch. Pants, compression shirts, towels, etc.

Is it more expensive?

Just a little but it's like having roster insurance. The slight difference is cost now will save you a fortune in creating new uniforms in the future.

What are its limitations?

Because it is essential cut vinyl, it does not work well with designs with small, freestanding details. Elements like small text, dots, or thin lines are extremely difficult to seperate for the final product.