What Is Digital Heat Transfer?

We'll skip the tech talk here and keep it simple.

We print toner on a film, press that into a binding agent (similar to screen print ink) and then press that to the apparel. It gives you durability you don't get from traditional lazer transfer or Direct To Garment printing without the cost limitations of screen printing and embroidery.

Why Is It Great For Polos?

The Comfort and Detail It Allows

Embroidery technology doesn't allow for clear presentation of fine details or gradient colors in your logo. Stitching also always has a "patchy" feel to it that can be itchy and uncomfortable. This solution eliminates both and is significantly less expensive.

Why Should We Use This Technology?

It will be more cost effective that paying all the costs associated with screen printing or embroidery setup if you only need a few items or want to personalize each item. This is especially true if your design has a lot of colors or small details in it.

How Does it Hold Up?

Very Well!

It will show a little wear and tear in time but so will scren print. We have excellent examples to show you if you stop by.

What Does It Cost?

Base Price (1 location / 2 location)

T-shirts / Polos - $15 / $20
Long Sleeves / Sweatshirts - $20 / $25
Hoodies - $25 /$30
Zip-Ups - $30 / $35

There are discounts for higher quantities and may have an art charge depending on the design you want.

What Are It's Limitations?

It does not stretch well so we do not recommend it for items that will require a lot of stretch and pull like compression shirts, or leggings. Also, it holds up better if it isn't a solid image like a photograph. For these applications, we recommend the Printed Vinyl Solutions.